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FAQ Page

1. HOW to buy a car?

You can check our stocks and select the available unit

2. If your interest vehicle not in our stocks?

You can send the yours details to us (you name, contact number, country, mail address) we can buy from japan direct auction after yours basic payment ($ 1000) settled to us

3. If I am an individual how may I process?

Anyone for an individual car buyer, we encourage you to check your country's regulations before purchase.
We are not familiar with the laws of your country. We are not able to offer you any advice, or you have to contact the local customs clearing agent in your country.

4. How to pay FOR MY CAR?

We only accept payment by telegraphic transfer to our designated bank account from your bank.

5. How long does it take me to receive my car?

It depends on the shipping schedule. However, your car will be shipped on the earliest available vessel. Usually, it takes 3 to 5 week

6. Can I cancel my purchase order?

When you cancel an order, we may have to resell that car in an auction or in any other way. Therefore, if you cancel the order, you have to pay the balance in addition to the costs that may incur.